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2015-09-03 07:05 pm
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Authors and artists have been revealed in the collection (some of them may still say 'Anonymous' for a few minutes while the Archive does its thing)!

We definitely want to take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU" once again to everyone who participated or engaged with this exchange in any way this year. Not only did we more than double the number of sign-ups, we also nearly doubled the number of works at the end (including treats) and nearly doubled the number of fandoms represented.

Because I'm personally a fan of numbers, I did run some quick stats on the collection that I want to share before heading off into the sunset for a while.

Number of Works Created: 81 (77 written, 4 visual)
Total Word Count of Written Works: 208,494

And as of a few minutes ago, the collection had generated (across the body of work):

962 kudos
9016 hits (excluding 2 works for which hit counts were disabled)

An awesome contribution to he fandoms involved!

And, yes, we do plan to run an M/M Rares 2016. Most likely, though, the timing will change and we'll look at running it in the earlier part of the year. One thing we noticed this time around is that there are about three or four rare pair events around this same time of year that end up creating some overlap with people creating for the same recipient across multiple challenges. Although that can be fun if you're getting to create for a pairing or fandom you truly love, it can also be a bit odd or awkward. So by moving the exchange, at least we can minimize one additional case of someone simultaneously writing fics with the same pairing and same fandom with the same prompts for the same person. And moving it to the beginning of the year works better for our mods' schedules as well. So look for more information in the new year!


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