[admin post] Admin Post: Emergency Mode

2015-08-27 08:40 pm
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We're pleased to report that as of right now almost everyone has a gift in the collection or has one coming from either a last-minute pinch hit or confirmed extension (confirmed, meaning we know that only the final touches are being put on the gift). We are still short for two recipients, which are the two outstanding pinch hits. The requests are reposted below. At this point, claiming is not necessary (though it would help us to know if someone is working on it), and we'll check it off as soon as a gift is in the collection. We'll be monitoring the collection regularly over the next 24 hours as we approach reveals.

ETA: We've heard from people that work is happening on and appears to be on track fo all of the outstanding items, so barring any major problem, we aim to keep work reveals on time. A new post will be made here if that status changes for any reason at all.

Pinch Hit #18 )

Pinch Hit #20 )

[admin post] Admin Post: Moving Toward Reveals...

2015-08-26 08:23 pm
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We've reached the treats deadline and the collection remains open. There are a few reasons for this:

1) We've had a couple of very last minute pinch hit claims, and want to give them adequate time to put something together.
2) A few individuals were given extensions, and we're still waiting on those to show up. Follow ups have been sent, and we'll likely release those to emergency pinch hits within the next day if we don't hear back or see something show up in the collection.
3) We have three pinch hits that still need claiming.

We've been doing some work behind the scenes on those pending pinch hits to find a gifter, but if you're inclined or know someone who might be inclined, it would be an immense help if those can get picked up. We won't reveal works until everyone who signed up as a participant and came through with providing a gift also has something to receive when we flip the switch. We hope this won't delay reveals, but it is a possibility.

We're in the final stretch--we just need a bit of a collective push to reach the finish.

[admin post] Admin Post: DEADLINE PASSED!

2015-08-21 09:15 pm
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The deadline for assignments has passed. There are a few outstanding pinch hits, and 5 more pinch hits are on their way out momentarily. See the pinch hit list to claim. We will need to have a gift for each of these people in order to keep reveals on time.

The collection will also remain open for treat posting through Wednesday, August 26th at 8pm PDT.

[admin post] Admin Post: Less than 48 hours!

2015-08-19 08:25 pm
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We're down to less than 48 hours until the deadline for assignments (treats deadline will be on the 26th, so you'll 5 extra days to do anything extra that you would like).

We do still have an open pinch hit that needs claiming (and would also have the deadline of the 26th since we wouldn't require anyone to put something together in 48 hours).

A couple of other points to mention:

1) Double-check the length of your gift if you're writing fic. There are a couple of works submitted to the collection right now that appear to be intended as fulfilling an assignment but are not 1000+ words in length. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, the the work will not be accepted--and we would hate for that to happen.
2) If a participant defaults and the person assigned to them later defaults, we don't seek a pinch hitter because it becomes a zero-sum game. There's at least one case of that this time around, so we just wanted to mention that up front.

If you've any questions, please let us know!

[admin post] Admin Post: One Week!

2015-08-14 10:15 pm
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We're down to just under one week left until the deadline!

There will likely be some pinch hits over the next few days--these pinch hits will be given a few extra days depending on when they go up, and the deadline will be included in the message that goes out. Getting these claimed and fulfilled quickly will be important in keeping the reveals on schedule.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

[admin post] Admin Post: Pinch Hits #7-9 Open

2015-07-28 07:20 pm
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We have a few pinch hits open for claiming:

PH #7
PH #8
PH #9

Options for claiming include replying to the original request, commenting to this post, or sending an e-mail to mmrares.mods@gmail.com that includes your AO3 username. Thanks for your help on these!

[admin post] Admin Post: Reminders/Check-In

2015-07-19 07:27 am
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Just a reminder that we're approximately 34 days away from the assignments deadline (August 21, 8pm EDT).

There are also two open pinch hits - see the Google group for more information.

The Request Summary is also available for those interested in giving treats.

Remember that you do not need to be a signed up participant to pick up a pinch hit or create treats...

[admin post] Admin Post: Requests Summary and Treats

2015-07-12 11:30 pm
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The full Requests Summary is now visible. We're making this available for people who are interested in giving treats.

Per the FAQ:

25. What are treats?

Treats are extra gift work that may be written by participants (and sometimes even non-participant authors). Some participants might choose to write a second fic or create a second piece of art for their recipient. The full list of requests will be made available on the AO3 approximately three weeks prior to the deadline, and this list can be used as inspiration for treats as well. Treats are neither required or expected, but are certainly welcome.

If you decide to give a treat, you won't have an assignment and therefore won't be able to use the "Post to fulfill" button. Instead, go to the current challenge page on the AO3, and click on the "Post To Collection" button. This will take you to a form with the challenge collection name pre-filled. You will need to enter the recipient's name in the "Gift this work to" box, then fill in the rest of the form as you normally would when posting a work and post.

26. Do treats need to meet the same requirements as a work that fulfills a request?

No. Because treats are optional and are over and above the exchange gift, there is no minimum word count on fics and more flexibility in terms of art work. Manips, icons, wallpapers, etc. are acceptable when given as treats.

The deadline for treats is a little later than assigned works to give a few extra days for authors and artists to do something extra if they're so inclined. The due date for treats will be August 26 @ 8:00pm PDT. You do not need to be signed up as a participant in the exchange to give a treat and you're not limited in number as to how many you choose to gift.

If you have any questions,please let us know!
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Just a quick note that we have two pinch hits that need claiming over at the pinch hits list. To claim, send an e-mail to mmrares.mods@gmail.com with the pinch hit number and your AO3 username. Thanks!

[admin post] Admin Post: Letters

2015-06-23 10:20 am
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A number of participants included letters in their signups or at the letter post, which is great! Now that assignments have been released, don't forget to unlock your letter or otherwise make it accessible to your author/artist if you're hosting it in your own journal or elsewhere.
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Assignments have been generated and sent--they should be arriving to you shortly (if they haven't already).

We also have 4 pinch hits that need attention.

To help facilitate the pinch hits process this year (with the increase in participation--which is awesome!), we'll be using Google Groups. Stop over to the M/M Rares Pinch Hits list to see the current pinch hits and sign up to be notified when further pinch hits become available. We'll also make periodic posts here if there are unclaimed pinch hits, but the Google Group should be the place to watch/subscribe for up-to-the-minute information.

To claim a pinch hit, just reply to the message (should send to mmrares.mods@gmail.com) with your AO3 username. You do not need to be a participant in the exchange to sign up for pinch hits--and certainly feel free to reach out to others if you see a pinch hit come up that you know would be perfect for a friend to fill.

ETA: For initial pinch hits or any that are posted before you join the group (or if you choose not to subscribe to notifications), just send an e-mail to mmrares.mods@gmail.com with your AO3 name and the # of the pinch hit you would like to claim.

[admin post] Admin Post: Signups Are Closed

2015-06-19 09:50 pm
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Signups are now closed and the Archive is running the data to find matches. Once this is done, we will e-mail anyone from whom we might need additional information prior to releasing assignments. The goal is to have these released within the next week, but the exact timing will depend, in part, on how the initial matches work out.

Stay tuned!
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We're down to less than one week before signups close. They will close on Friday, June 19th at 8:00pm PDT (See this in your time zone).

Sign Up Form
Tag Set
Sign Up Summary (updates every hour or so)

[admin post] Admin Post: Dear Author/Artist Letters

2015-05-29 12:23 pm
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If you've written a Dear Author/Artist Letter to provide additional details about your requests, you can link to that in your sign up. (If you write one after you sign up, you can always edit your information until the deadline.) You can also choose to link to your letter here so that others can see more specifically what is being requested -- it could inspire someone to offer something they hadn't necessarily planned to before.

NOTE: Dear Author/Artist Letters are optional and as with all additional details in requests, authors and artists are not required to integrate this information, though it can be a very helpful source of inspiration.

[admin post] Admin Post: Signups Are Open

2015-05-29 08:22 am
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Thanks to everyone for your patience while we worked out a few minor details with the tag set that came to our attention this week. Everything appears to have been sorted, so we're ready to open signups for the exchange! Just go to the collection on the AO3 and click on the 'Sign Up' button. You may want to peruse the Tag Set first to help decide what you would like to request and what you're willing to offer.

You will need to submit 4-6 requests and 4-10 offers. Each request must be for a unique fandom and may include up to 10 pairings. Each offer must be for a unique fandom and can include up to 20 pairings. For offers, you may also check 'Any' if you're willing and able to create for any pairing listed under the fandom heading.

Check off the fandom on the list and then enter the pairings in the Relatonship box, comma separated. Tags must be entered exactly as they are in the tag set. If you click in the Relationship box, the Archive should populate a dropdown list so you can easily select your choices. Note: Some pairings may not show in the dropdown list, but if they're in the tag set, they are eligible. Just be sure to list the tag exactly as it appears in the tag set. (If you run into any problems with this, let us know and we'll investigate.) We have 1196 pairings to choose from across 351 fandoms (including Crossover Fandom), so we're really looking forward to seeing what gets requested, offered, and matched.

Note that matching will only require that at least one pairing is in common between the offer and the request. So do feel free to request as many pairings as you have an interest in - it won't reduce your chances of matching by doing so.

Signups can be submitted and edited until the deadline of June 19th at 8:00pm PDT. We will get assignments out as quickly as possible following that deadline.

If you have any questions, please ask them here or email us at mmrares.mods@gmail.com.

ETA: If you've written a Dear Author/Artist Letter and would like to publicly link it for those who are considering what to offer, you may choose to do so at the letter post.

[admin post] Admin Post: Nominations Are CLOSED!

2015-05-23 08:54 am
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Just wanted to post a quick announcement that nominations are closed and all have been processed. There was a pile that came in over the last 24 hours, so we left nominations overnight in case there were any additional last minute suggestions.

There are 1196 pairings in the tag set, which is more than double the 528 we ended up with last year. Our only reaction this was: AWESOME! We're hoping this equates to even more participation in the exchange itself once signups open.

We'll be waiting at least 48 hours for any questions on the tag set (rejected nominations are listed at the nomination post) before opening signups. They were scheduled to open on May 29 at 8pm PDT, but since nominations have all be reviewed, we may open them up earlier to give a few extra days for everyone to work those out.
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We're down to less than a week left for pairing nominations. They will close on Friday, May 22nd at 8:00pm PDT (When is this in my time zone?). Check out the nomination post for more information.

[admin post] Admin Post: Nominations Are Open!

2015-05-01 10:13 pm
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Nominations are open at the tag set on AO3. Nominations will close on May 22nd.

Please check the FAQ for additional details. Nominations will be reviewed on an on-going basis; any nominations deemed ineligible will be added to this post as we go.

Ineligible Pairings )

[admin post] Admin Post: M/M Rares 2015 Information

2015-04-12 07:23 am
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Nominations Open: May 1
Nominations Close: May 22 @ 8:00pm PDT
Signups Open: May 29 @ 8:00pm PDT
Signups Close: June 19 @ 8:00pm PDT
Assignments Sent: No later than June 26 @ 8:00pm PDT
Assignments Deadline: August 21 @ 8:00pm PDT
Work Reveal: August 28 @ 8:00pm PDT
Author Reveal: September 4 @ 8:00pm PDT

2015 FAQ )
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Just a quick note to say that the M/M Rares exchange will be happening again in 2015. The FAQ will be updated for the current year and the schedule released later this month. Get ready!
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