[admin post] [sticky entry] Admin Post: Sticky: Closing Out 2016

After finally ending all of my summer travels, a hectic autumn schedule kicked in, and I forgot to come back here and make the closing post that I previously referenced. And in the spirit of "better late than never," here it is.

I wanted to take a moment to once again thank everyone who participated in the exchange as an author, artist, pinch hitter, reader, or general follower of the goings on over here. It's always fun to watch the tagset populate, to see the requests that are made, and then to read and view the works that are created as a result.

And with that in mind, I am pleased to announce that M/M Rares will return in 2017. Because the summer travel schedule is going to be similar for me, though, (and because it looks like some space has opened up) the timing will be different. Watch this space in early February for more information...
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[admin post] [sticky entry] Admin Post: Sticky: 2016 Exchange Information!

Nominations Open: May 15
Nominations Close: May 26 @ 8:00pm PDT
Signups Open: May 29 @ 8:00pm PDT
Signups Close: June 12 @ 8:00pm PDT
Assignments Sent: No later than June 19 @ 8:00pm PDT
Assignments Deadline: July 31 @ 8:00pm PDT
Work Reveal: August 7 @ 8:00pm PDT
Author Reveal: August 14 @ 8:00pm PDT

2016 FAQ )
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[admin post] Admin Post: Creators Revealed

I am traveling, but just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that creators have been revealed. Names should start showing up as the Archive updates (sometimes it takes a few minutes).

A more formal closing post for this year will come sometime next week.
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[admin post] Admin Post: Collection Closed & Works Revealed

The collection has closed and we just did a final double-check audit so works are revealed! Recipients should start receiving gift notifications any time now.

For the next week, we'll keep authors and artists anonymous. During this time, creators may reply to comments on their work without revealing their identity (one of the nice built-in features of the AO3).

Remember to comment and thank your gifter (it's polite), but take some time to check out the full collection. There's some really great stuff in there!

[admin post] Admin Post: Collection Status

First, a big thank you to everyone who has been jumping in on last minute pinch hits. We're glad to report that all of the pinch hits that were still open have now been filled.

We do have two pinch hits (#14 & #17) that were claimed, but the works haven't showed up, so they are reopened and are the final two remaining items needed to ensure everyone has a gift. As has been the case this week, there is no need to claim these pinch hits--if you can create a work, go for it, and we'll close it out once the request has been filled.

Plan is this:
Provided the remaining hits are filled, we'll close the collection on Friday, August 12 at 8:00 p.m. PDT. Work reveals will come within a few hours of collection closing. Author reveals will be on Friday, August 19 at roughly the same time.

[admin post] Admin Post: Remaining Pinch Hits

We're still waiting on a few pinch hits to be completed and some that haven't yet been claimed to be able to close out the collection and start reveals. At this point, there's no requirement to formally claim a pinch hit--if you're able to create a work for one of the open pinch hits, go ahead and do so, add it to the collection with the appropriate recipient, and we'll tally it off when we see it.

If you know of people that might be good fits for any of the open pinch hits, feel free to reach out to them, as well. We'll be doing some advertising around in some other communities too. We're really close--it's just the final stretch now.

[admin post] Admin Post: Deadline Past

The deadline is past, and we had a number of requests for 24 hour extensions, so we wanted to resolve those before releasing the final set of pinch hits. There are 4 open hits and we have 7 more incoming. Anything claimed at this point will have until Saturday, August 6, at 8pm PDT. We'll need to have works for all of these participants before we can reveal the collection.
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[admin post] Admin Post: Deadline Approaching

We're down to about 36 hours until the deadline, so just posting a reminder here.

We also have some open pinch hits that need attention. Pinch hits claimed now will be given until Friday, August 5, at 8PM PDT to be completed.

[admin post] Admin Post: Open Pinch Hits

Hi everyone,

We have open pinch hits in need of claiming. Please take a look and see if you might be interested in claiming any of them. Or also feel free to nudge others you think might be suited to claim one or more of them as well. :)

[admin post] Admin Post: Assignments Sent; First Batch of Pinch Hits

Assignments have been generated and sent--they should be arriving to you shortly (if they haven't already).

We also have 9 pinch hits that need attention.

To help facilitate the pinch hits process this year, we'll be using Google Groups. Stop over to the M/M Rares Pinch Hits list to see the current pinch hits and sign up to be notified when further pinch hits become available. We'll also make periodic posts here if there are unclaimed pinch hits, but the Google Group should be the place to watch/subscribe for up-to-the-minute information. (The group is public so you do not need to have a Google account to access the list of available pinch hits.) The current batch of pinch hits will be posted to the group shortly.

To claim a pinch hit, just reply to the message (should send to mmrares.mods@gmail.com) with your AO3 username. You do not need to be a participant in the exchange to sign up for pinch hits--and certainly feel free to reach out to others if you see a pinch hit come up that you know would be perfect for a friend to fill. For initial pinch hits or any that are posted before you join the group (or if you choose not to subscribe to notifications), just send an e-mail to mmrares.mods@gmail.com with your AO3 name and the # of the pinch hit you would like to claim. Thanks!
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[admin post] Admin Post: Sign Ups Closed

Sign ups are once again closed. We'll now start the process of running matches. If we run into any problems, we'll be in touch with people individually to try to remedy the issues by Friday so we can release the assignments no later than this weekend.

Questions? Feel free to ask.
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[admin post] Admin Post: Sign Ups Temporarily Reopened

So two things:

1) There have been a few people who have contacted us that they had some issues with the Archive and might need to make some changes to their sign ups
2) Some things have come up offline that make it so I won't be able to start running the matching until tomorrow evening.

Which means sign ups have been reopened until 8:00 PM EDT on Tuesday, June 14. Those who need to make adjustments should be able to easily do so. And once the other stuff is taken care of tomorrow, we'll get in contact with those who it looks like haven't been able to make their requested adjustments themselves.

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[admin post] Admin Post: Sign Ups Close in ~12 hours!

We're in the final stretch for sign ups! You have approximately 12 hours from this post to sign up over on the Archive. Also, if you are so inclined and have time, feel free to check the Sign Up Summary to see how your requests and offers match up with what else is being requested and offered.

Also, as the deadline approaches, you can always double-check the sign up deadline in your time zone.
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[admin post] Admin Post: Dear Author/Artist Letters

(This is up a few days later than originally planned as this week has been way busier than expected offline...)

While it's not required, many people like to write Dear Author/Artist Letters to include as part of the signup. These can be a great opportunity to provide some more information for your assigned anonymous creator. You can include tidbits about specific pairings and/or information about your general likes, dislikes, loves, and do not wants. There is a space in the signup for you to include a link to your letter, and you can update your signup with this information until the deadline.

Some people put their letters in their journals or in a personal space; this post is provided for those who can't or don't want to do so. You can include your letter here and link to the comment. Additionally, you can choose to link your letter here even if it is hosted elsewhere so that people can see what you're requesting and why in case it inspires them to offer something they might not otherwise have planned to offer.

One quick note: if you do post your letter in your own journal/space, make sure that you unlock the post or make it public before we send out assignments. :)
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[admin post] Admin Post: Signups are Open!

We're excited to announce that signups are officially open! Just go to the collection on the AO3 and click on the 'Sign Up' button. You may want to peruse the Tag Set first to help decide what you would like to request and what you're willing to offer.

You will need to submit 4-6 requests and 4-10 offers. Each request must be for a unique fandom and may include up to 10 pairings. Each offer must be for a unique fandom and can include up to 20 pairings. For offers, you may also check 'Any' if you're willing and able to create for any pairing listed under the fandom heading.

Check off the fandom on the list and then enter the pairings in the Relationship box, comma separated. Tags must be entered exactly as they are in the tag set. If you click in the Relationship box, the Archive should populate a dropdown list so you can easily select your choices. Note: Some pairings may not show in the dropdown list, but if they're in the tag set, they are eligible. Just be sure to list the tag exactly as it appears in the tag set. (If you run into any problems with this, let us know and we'll investigate.)

Note that matching will only require that at least one pairing is in common between the offer and the request. So do feel free to request as many pairings as you have an interest in - it won't reduce your chances of matching by doing so.

Signups can be submitted and edited until the deadline of June 12 at 8:00pm PDT. We will get assignments out as quickly as possible following that deadline.

If you have any questions, please ask them here or email us at mmrares.mods@gmail.com.

We'll have a post up for Dear Author/Artist letters in the next day or so! Happy requesting!
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[admin post] Admin Post: Nominations Are Closed

Nominations are officially closed over at the tag set. We have a couple of days here for any necessary cleanup before signups open this weekend. (Based on the state of the tag set, there's a chance we'll open things up on Saturday instead of Sunday to give an extra day for people to sign up).

This year we have 1493 pairings nominated in 406 fandoms vs. 1196 pairings in 351 fandoms last year. Always exciting to see this thing grow from year to year!

Also, by request, we've opened up anon commenting in this space to allow those who are participating in the exchange but do not have Dreamwidth accounts to chime in as they see fit. We'll revisit if that leads to any problems.

(Note: Somewhere in the last half hour or so while cleaning up a couple of duplicate tags, a humongous batch of warning tags showed up in the tag set. I've no idea how they got there, and the Archive won't allow me to delete them. I've contacted Support, but we'll probably proceed this weekend regardless of the status since warning tags aren't a part of the signup or matching process. I just wanted to let you know we're aware of it and following up.)
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[admin post] Admin Post: Nomination Suggestion & Discussion Post

We've had a few requests for a post to discuss/suggest/etc. potential pairings for nomination, so here is that space. Have more that you want to see nominated than you have space for? Interested in knowing what other people might be nominating so you can start thinking of what you might offer or request? Open space to do all of that here.
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[admin post] Admin Post: Nominations Are Open! [And Evidence/Justifications]

The tag set over on the AO3 is now open for nominations.

You can nominate up to 4 fandoms with up to 4 relationships in each. Check out the FAQ for more information or feel free to ask us here.

If you're planning to nominate a pairing that you think might require some explanation of how it fits into the limits for the exchange, there's a comment thread on this post for you to provide any information you think the mods should know.

Rejected Tags )
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[admin post] Admin Post: Creator Reveals!

Authors and artists have been revealed in the collection (some of them may still say 'Anonymous' for a few minutes while the Archive does its thing)!

We definitely want to take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU" once again to everyone who participated or engaged with this exchange in any way this year. Not only did we more than double the number of sign-ups, we also nearly doubled the number of works at the end (including treats) and nearly doubled the number of fandoms represented.

Because I'm personally a fan of numbers, I did run some quick stats on the collection that I want to share before heading off into the sunset for a while.

Number of Works Created: 81 (77 written, 4 visual)
Total Word Count of Written Works: 208,494

And as of a few minutes ago, the collection had generated (across the body of work):

962 kudos
9016 hits (excluding 2 works for which hit counts were disabled)

An awesome contribution to he fandoms involved!

And, yes, we do plan to run an M/M Rares 2016. Most likely, though, the timing will change and we'll look at running it in the earlier part of the year. One thing we noticed this time around is that there are about three or four rare pair events around this same time of year that end up creating some overlap with people creating for the same recipient across multiple challenges. Although that can be fun if you're getting to create for a pairing or fandom you truly love, it can also be a bit odd or awkward. So by moving the exchange, at least we can minimize one additional case of someone simultaneously writing fics with the same pairing and same fandom with the same prompts for the same person. And moving it to the beginning of the year works better for our mods' schedules as well. So look for more information in the new year!
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[admin post] Admin Post: Work Reveals!

We're pleased to announce that works have been revealed and gift notifications should be on their way out to e-mail inboxes of participants! You can access the collection directly to see everything that was created for this year's exchange. There may still be a couple more works on the way that we know people are working on, but everyone has a gift in the collection, allowing us to go ahead with reveals. The collection will remain open through Sunday at 8PM PDT as a last chance for those remaining in-progress works, as we appreciate that work and don't want it to get lost.

Please take a moment to comment to your author our artist to thank them. Creators certainly love to hear from their recipients! During the time before creators are revealed, they can even respond to comments on their works anonymously--which is a pretty cool feature of the AO3!

As of this moment, there were 81 works produced this year with 94 fandoms represented. (For reference, this is an increase over last year's 47 works and 54 fandoms.)

We want to take a moment now to thank everyone who signed up as a participant, who promoted the exchange, who took on pinch hits (some at an extremely late hour), and those who helped signal boost pinch hits out to broader audiences.

We'll probably have another thank you after creator reveals in a week's time--can't thank you all enough--and at that time will share some details regarding plans for the 2016 iteration of the exchange...because we certainly plan to bring this back again!

ETA: It turns out we won't have a mod around on the evening of September 4th to reveal authors (due to out of country travel), so we'll be revealing on Thursday the 3rd instead. A day early never hurt anyone, after all.